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What's the Big Dual?

by Kylee Sallee | Class of 2021 | Oct. 12, 2017

   Which to choose, which to choose… Would you rather advance with playing soccer for a team that went undefeated the past year, or continue running track after participating in multiple record-breaking events? That’s a tough choice- one that freshmen know all too well. As a freshman, you’ve come to a giant fork in the road where you must decide which path to choose. One might question - why not both?

   It is a school rule that students may not participate in more than one sport per season. This seemingly simple rule has apparently been created to protect athletes. However, more often than not, it completely tears them apart. For many competitors, their sports are a huge part of who they are. How could they choose to give something up that means so much to them? That’s like asking someone if they want their heart or their brain. Both are very vital, just like sports are to athletes.

   Maybe the school is convinced these rules are protecting athletes by keeping them less stressed and not having to worry 

about the great responsibility, but… HELLLOO- Great life lesson here!

   Learn to manage time and gain responsibility! Sure, maybe that’s not for everyone, but what about the kids that can handle it?  It should be up to the students to decide whether or not they will be successful in keeping up with both school and sports. So, Hudson, get it right: you’re not protecting students, you’re limiting them.

   Not only does this dual sports ban crush student’s dreams, it also leaves behind the potential of having two outstanding teams and leaves two mediocre sports teams instead. Why would any loyal pirate wan that? I don’t know.

   We need to figure out a way for students who wish to participate in dual sports to do so. I believe with dual sports everyone will benefit, and all teams would be allowed to reach maximum success. But until then… Eenie meenie miney mo!

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