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The Welcome Mat

by Lilly Johnson | Class of 2022 | Sept. 24, 2018

   Imagine walking into a strange building. There are hundreds of people staring at you. Only you. You don’t know any of them, and on top of that, all of them seem to be talking about the same thing: You. That’s what it’s like moving to a new school. I should know. I’ve done it… twice.

   Moving schools is terrifying, but it is also very sad. Imagine leaving everyone you know behind for a place where no one is familiar. Not. One. You may be lucky enough to never have to experience being “the new kid” and moving schools. However, chances are that there will be a new student at your school, and there are many things that you can do to help them feel at home.


   As a new kid, the first day is really confusing. I know how that feels, so PLEASE help by making sure they know what they’re 

where they are going and so much more than that.


   Even lunch is different between schools. So whether it be giving them someone to sit by or even something as simple as helping them find the ketchup, give them a hand. They’ll really appreciate it.

   But you have to remember not to overwhelm them with questions; your first day at a new school is already a lot on its own. Save all that for later when you (hopefully) become friends.

   So the next time you see an unfamiliar face in the crowd at school, think about what you could do to make sure the new student’s first day at Hudson is a good one.

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