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The Shakery

by Linsey Tjepkis | Class of 2022 | Dec.20, 2019

   They opened on May 1 by former Nashua-Plainfield student Brandon Marks who always wanted to own a business. As a personal trainer and owner of LionHeart Fitness, he wanted to do something no one has before. A nutritional smoothie and shake shop. It is not a chain at the moment but Brandon says in a Twitter post he would like to open many more.

   The Shakery has an expansive menu with 15 shake flavors. They have fruit smoothies with cute names like Feelin’ Peachy and the Berry Special, which is one of their top sellers. They also sell cereal shakes for those with a sweeter tooth, shakes that have a fruit and protein powder base and then topped with Fruity Pebbles, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and Oreo. 

   But they do not stop there. They have a build your own blend,

yogurt bowls, iced coffee, and even diet-friendly shakes such as the Keto Boost. Making this place even better, everything is made with no syrups, no frozen yogurts, and no added sugars.

   Their prices may leave you a little sour at first but with the size of the shakes and quality, it will soon be worth it. It is the same all across the menu for all drinks and they offer a punch card that is to buy 10 get ones free. In addition to these steals, they have student days that give you a discount if you bring in your ID, which is great because they are in a college town.

   If you're wanting a quick snack or even dessert that will satisfy your sweet tooth in a healthy way, The Shakery is the place to go.

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