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Seems like a lifetime

by Makenzie Stuart | Class of 2024 | Oct. 15, 2020

   Do you know what it feels like to have to sit in an uncomfortable chair for 90 minutes listening to a teacher blab the whole time? Well, I definitely do.

   School is already frustrating enough with these annoying masks that constantly remind me of what I ate for lunch based on my breath. On top of that, we’re all trying to figure out these iPads to do the things that we could have easily done with our old MacBooks. But now I also have to deal with the change of block scheduling. I. Cannot.

   Every day I sit in every class staring at the clock... watching each and every second go slloooooooowly by, waiting for the last minute of class to come around. Don’t get me wrong-  it can be nice having a 90 minute class so that I have time to complete my homework, but quite honestly I have a harder time staying awake during that time than I do trying to solve my worksheet in geometry. 

   I can see why block scheduling could be beneficial in the midst of a pandemic. Sure, it reduces the amount of people interacting during passing time, but isn't it doing more harm than good? What's supposedly helping me lessen my exposure to COVID-19 is actually increasing my lack of an attention span and causing a pandemic of its own school-wide- BORED-20.

   With this hour and a half of information given to us from four (or more) classes on the daily is not only difficult to pay attention but to also remember what we did two to sometimes even four days ago. It’s also hard for a student who’s absent to make up everything they had missed.

   We need to return to the traditional, eight-period day. 2020 has already been challenging enough. So let’s get back to some of the normalcy and what we already know works.

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