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Safety Against Insanity

by Linsey Tjepkes | Class of 2022 | Sept. 27, 2018

   We all grow up believing that school is a safe place. But just turn on the news and we’re proved wrong.

   In the last nine years, there have been 288 school shootings, according to the CNN’s website, making the USA more dangerous than countries like Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Italy, and the UK.

   Sitting in class, sometimes my mind will wander, and I’ll start thinking about what I would do if someone walked into the room with a gun at this very moment. Would I hide under a desk? Would I just freeze? That should not be something anyone has to think about, especially a mere 14-year old. But I do- and all too often.

   So what can be done to make me and others like me feel

safer? The answer is simple: Look, listen, and act.

   We all need to become more vigilant. During a class, when someone walks through the door, turn around to see who it is. If you see someone pull something out of their bag, keep watching- Is it a textbook? A folder? Or is it a gun?


   But perhaps the best place to be vigilant is online. See a disturbing post? A threatening video? Something that doesn’t seem quite right? Report it. Immediately. That isn’t paranoia, it’s precaution.

   Perhaps if you have my back and I have yours, we both can get to math class today and every day to do what we should be doing at school: Learning.

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