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A Mans Plea to Feminism

by Caleb McCullough | Class of 2018 | Feb, 16, 2017

   I am a feminist to the core. I support the equal treatment of women under the law and in society, and I recognize where there are still injustices.


   However, I see a danger in certain branches of feminism today. There seems to be a push in by some feminists to bring men down in order to lift women up. Too many times have I seen women claiming to be “feminists” lumping men together under stereotypes, demasculinizing and delegitimizing males in an attempt to feel a sense of superiority. I believe this is a minority, but a loud minority.


   It is through this movement that I see young men my age getting a warped perception of feminism, and why I think so many young people don’t believe in it. And how could they?

   When they feel victimized and objectified, lumped into a generality, how is that a movement they could get behind? In the pursuit of equality, radical feminists are turning away what could be some of the greatest allies of the movement: Men.


   The reality is that for women and men to be equal, men also must be valued and respected. The feminism that I believe in advocates the equal treatment and value of men AND women in society. The solution is obvious: communication. Communication must be held between men and women, between feminists and anti feminists, between radical and moderate.


   Through more communication and a better understanding of what feminism actually is, I believe a peace can be found, and equality can be achieved.

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