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Walking Club Begins for Hudson Faculty

by Caleb McCullough | Class of 2018 | Nov. 28, 2017

   High school PE teacher Sean Leonard has started a “Pirate Walking Club” for staff.

   “Staying active during the winter can be difficult,” said Leonard. “It’s cold, our bodies feel sluggish, and it gets dark early.” Leonard hopes this club will motivate staff to overcome such cold-weather challenges.

   Those participating can do so beginning November 4 and through March 2. The time span will be split into four-week chunks: November 4 to December 1, December 4 to December 21, January 8 to February 2, and February 5 to March 4.

   Teachers are encouraged to walk around the school for up to 

45 minutes after school and track their progress on sheets received from Leonard. Everyone will have a goal of walking 30 miles every four weeks. Five laps around the school, according to Leonard, is about one mile.

   Members who meet the goal of 30 miles every four weeks will have their names entered in a prize drawing. The winner of the drawing will be able to leave at 3:15 p.m. on any day they choose.

   Leonard thinks the benefits of this club extend beyond physical health. “A big part of this is not only the walking but also the social interaction for teachers to have with their peers.”

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