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by Kylee Sallee | Class of 2021 | May 10, 2019

   True story: This season, at the South Hardin track meet, a girl disqualified her relay team by wearing gloves. Why was she wearing gloves? Well, probably because it was cold. This is one of many rules that frustrate athletes like me.

   Last summer, I was told in order to pitch I had to take off my “signature” bright, yellow headband. The umpire said I couldn’t wear it, because it was the same color as the ball. For the same reason, I had to frantically search my entire house for a Sharpie, causing me to almost be late for a game. Once I finally found a working marker, I had to color in (a.k.a ruin) the yellow writing on my $60 glove. I’m sorry, but If one can’t tell the difference between the ball, my glove, and my headband, maybe they shouldn’t be on the field.

   Sadly, this list of little things is only growing. This year, a basketball rule was added that forced athletes to roll their waistband in rather than out, which is both uncomfortable and unnecessary.

   Does a gymnast wearing nail polish really distract the judges? No. Is it really a safety hazard if a cheerleader’s hair has a few fly aways? No. Does it matter if logos are larger than 2 ¼ inches on track uniforms? No.

   I think it’s about time we stop adding rules, and just let players play.

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