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Get Hustlin'_edited.jpg

Get Hustlin'

by Addison Grady & Madison Michael | Class of 2022 

You're out of breath. Sweat stings your eyes. You can feel your body growing more and more fatigued. You just feel awful. It’s kinda funny-  that awful feeling is actually my favorite.

Safety Against

Safety Against Insanity

by Linsey Tjepkes | Class of 2022 

We all grow up believing that school is a safe place. But just turn on the news and we’re proved wrong.

The Welcome Mat_edited.jpg

The Welcome Mat

by Lilly Johnson | Class of 2022 

Imagine walking into a strange building. There are hundreds of people staring at you. Only you. You don’t know any of them, and on top of that, all of them seem to be talking about the same thing: You.


Walking out & Standing Strong

by Caleb McCullough | Class of 2018 

April 20, 2018, marked 19 years since the deadly shooting in Columbine, Colorado. On that day, thousands of students across the nation took to the streets to advocate for stricter gun laws. It was the second major school walkout in two months.


Whose Fault is Sexual Assault

by Maddie Santman | Class of 2021 

Sex. It’s everywhere. It’s glamorized in American culture. But do you know what isn’t talked about enough? Sexual assault.

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