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Backpacks are better

Backpacks are a super helpful tool to help any student throughout the school day.

Making the Grade.png


Hudson, using a currently semester-based calendar, should consider a trimester calendar.


Dear freshmen...

Please stop being so annoying in the halls. Like, for real. Why are you walking so slow?


Feels like a lifetime

On top of many other changes, I have to deal with block scheduling too? I. Cannot.


Smoking mad

It’s naive to think that raising the legal age will stop teen smoking. It’s just not possible.

Calico Hen House.jpg

Hen on over

You are guaranteed to enjoy your visit at this cozy, locally-owned shop.


"Get back"

America is the land of the free. But while we may be free, we are NOT invincible.


The Shakery

As a personal trainer and gym owner, Brandon Marks wanted to do something brand new.

Get Hustlin'_edited.jpg

Get hustlin'

Welcome to the place no one wants to go to but everyone should be: the weight room.

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