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Nuts and Bolts

by Maddie Santman | Class of 2021 | Oct. 25, 2018

   For the first time in two years, Hudson High School has a robotics program.


   Robotics is an activity where teams of students have a limited amount of time and materials to build and program a robot to perform certain tasks, such as picking up objects and moving them. The team brings their creation to competitions to go up against other schools in timed challenges to see what school comes out on top.


   Students participating will not only have an impressive entry on their college applications or résumés, but they will also have the opportunity to compete for engineering scholarships.


   High school special education teacher Stacey Lyons will be joined by her husband, John Deere engineer Brett Lyons to coach the team.

   Lyons is unsure of the exact number of participants, though she hopes the group will be able to attend many competitions.


   Robotics can be used, “to gain exposure to basic principles of design, mechanics and competing against your peers,” said Lyons.

   Currently, there are eight students signed up, with an even mix of four girls and four boys. Sophomore AbiJo Peet is one of them.

   “I enjoyed Lego League when I had done it in junior high, so this seemed like the next best thing,” said Peet. “Not only will this look good on a résumé, but I also created amazing friendships and relationships with people I don’t normally talk to.”

   Robotics is a great opportunity that Hudson students haven’t always had, and those involved are excited for this experience.

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