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Just Not My Thing

by Emily Headington | Class of 2021 | Nov. 27, 2017

   Let me tell you, as a freshman having gym with upperclassman is very, VERY scary.

   Of course everyone has to take four semesters of gym. I get that. I also understand teachers think we are “big kids” and can all be in the same class, but I just don’t like it. I feel embarrassed to play games and exercise in front of upperclassmen. Especially the older boys. I’m just one of those people. For example, when we have to run, I’m a terrible runner, so everyone, mainly boys, repeatedly pass me, and it’s embarrassing.

   Even last year, when it was split up by grade, I dreaded playing games such as kickball. Honestly, I would run from the ball if it was kicked to me. Yes, seriously. Why, you ask? Because I can’t catch to save my life. I think my class has gotten used to my athletic inabilities, but now I’m forced to show my lack of skill to everyone.

   Okay, yes, we need four semesters of gym, but why do all

grades have to be mixed? In my gym class, there are a ton of athletic boys both in my grade and above. Being a weak freshman girl in a gym class that is 70% boys is nerve wrecking. First hour is a conditioning class with ALL footballs guys. Thank goodness I wasn’t put in that class. That would be absolutely terrible.

   In the beginning of class we do workout stations for 10 minutes, then we run for what feels like forever, and after that we do our activity. Currently our activity is Ultimate Frisbee. Given my athletic challenges, I need Basic Frisbee 101. When we started practicing I realized how bad I actually am. Everyone would throw it straight to their partner, but I would accidentally be throwing it over my partner’s head. (OK, more like about 50 feet behind her.)

   You see, gym is just not my thing. So please let me as least embarrass myself with my fellow freshmen and stop mixing the PE classes.

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