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A dancing dream

The smile of senior Harley Schley will be as bright as the sun in Florida on Jan. 1, 2020.


Nuts and bolts

For the first time in two years, Hudson High School has a robotics program.


In the spotlight

First Edition and Premiere Edition are ready to kick off their 2018 show choir seasons.

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2019 gift guide

Need help? We've got Christmas gift ideas for anyone in the family, on the team, or at the office.


Life as a Hansen

If you live in the Cedar Valley, you most likely you have heard of Hansen’s Dairy Farm.


Cut loose

Production has begun on Hudson High School's next musical: Footloose.


Calculating credits

Senior Austin Appleton enrolled in Hawkeye’s Calculus 1 class during the 2019 summer.


"Weather" or not...

The process behind the decision to keep students home from school is never an easy one.


Dvorak honored

On May 31, 2016, Jeff Bell presented Chris Dvorak and her Pirate Term a certificate of appreciation.

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