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Moving FORE!ward:

Boys Golf Team Aspires to Make it to State

by Halle Haack | Class of 2021 | Nov. 14, 2017

   The boys golf team knows that the grass is greener on the other side, and they’re ready to get there.

   “We always think it’s a possibility,” said high school business teacher and head coach Jeff Curley on the 2018 team’s chance to go to state. “(But) we have to improve to be able to advance. If we do, we’ll have a chance to compete.”

   The team hasn’t advanced to state within his six-year coaching tenure, but Curley is ready to change that.

   An obstacle the team faces is mere inexperience after losing last year’s top players, 2017 graduates Jon Colsch and Noah Haack. Both advanced to districts, and Haack placed 4th at state. Freshman Joe Britson, Joe Culham, Wiley Souhrada, and Jacob Wiersma will be bringing many years of collective experiences. Curley hopes these newcomers to the team, along with seniors Al Hageman, Lane Marlow, and Garrison Thompson will fill the cleats of those before them.

   Marlow is optimistic for the year, despite the absence of previous players.  He’s prepared to step into leadership roles by assisting the younger golfers. Even newcomer Wiersma has a plan for the team’s success.“We need to get together and practice outside of our actual times just to have friendly competition and help each other.”

   Wiersma acknowledges how big of an accomplishment state would be for both him and the team. With 13 years of golf experience he’s ready to get out onto the golf course and win. He has high expectations for the year and wants to make the most of it.

   Even if the season doesn’t end with a title, Curley will view the season as a success. To him, it’s not just about the destination for these young golfers, but rather the journey.

   “The sky’s the limit for how much you can improve,” Curley said, “not only within this current season but all four years. It’s exciting to watch golfers grow that way.”

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