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Speak with your Actions, not your Words

by Caroline Mitchell | Class of 2022 | Oct. 25, 2019

   Freshman Mishayla Robbins, who has always been against abortion, let her actions speak louder than her words. 

On Oct. 15, the National Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity, when people tried to talk to Robbins, she handed them a paper that explained why she wasn’t responding. 

   The sheet read “Why is Mishayla so quiet today?”  Perhaps what is most powerful is was followed. She wrote: “If my values are in any way upsetting, I will gladly leave the room and get notes from a peer. I will not, however, give up these values, nor will I change my course of action regarding them, to please any other person.”

Robbins first learned about this day when she was one day scrolling through Instagram, and she came across a post about it. It immediately became clear to her what she had to do: “losing my voice for a day in honor of those who had lost theirs permanently.” 

   While most people were supportive of her stance, Robbins feels that some people now feel differently about her because of her position on this controversial issue.

   “Abortion is something that I feel very strongly about,” said Robbins.  “I will absolutely do it again.” 

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