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Marching Band Returns to Hudson

by Grace Jorgensen | Class of 2018 | Aug. 18, 2017

   The first week of August typically serves as a kick-start to various fall activities for Hudson students. But this year, a new camp, hosted by Hudson’s High School Band Director, Nicole Davis, was added.

   From Aug. 1-4, high school band students practiced songs and choreography on the new practice field across from the high school, formerly the site of the motel, to prepare for fall pep band and the return of Hudson’s marching band.


   Hudson has not had a marching band in over 20 years.

   Davis said she wanted to bring back the marching band to display talent that the community doesn’t always see when the pep band plays on the track.


   "We have a bigger group of percussionists this year so we aren’t able to showcase all that they can do,” said Davis. "A marching

band would allow them to do that.” 

   Junior percussionist Mikaela Meyer had mixed feelings about the change.


   “Part of me wanted to quit because I was so nervous,” admitted Meyer, “but now, I am thankful for this opportunity to expand (as a musician).”


   The group's first performance of “Let Me See Your Hands Clap” was at the season opener Aug. 25 and was viewed as a success by many. 


   School board president Karyn Finn tweeted, "Thrilled to see the #PirateBand take the field in their 2017 debut.”


   The community will be able to watch the marching band perform at every home pregame and halftime.

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