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IntroDUECEing opportunities

by Josie Bergmeier | Class of 2022 | Dec. 12, 2019

   Jerin Ugrin has been doing what he loves for the past decade- playing tennis since the age of seven up to his senior year. In the past, he has played for Manhattan High and Anthony Middle School, both in Kansas, where he lived for eight years. 

   “It’s what a lot of people know me for,” said Ugrin about his love of tennis. 

   He’s recognized as being a part of a team that won five straight league titles, two consecutive regional championships, and best back-to-back state finishes in his school’s history.

   Ugrin has been very successful in the time he has played. While competing for his high school in Kansas last year, he won the league regionals with his partner.

   Not only is he good, but he also has played in various tournaments against difficult opponents. He participated in the United States Tennis Association, or USTA, tournaments. He said that this league was more challenging and fun.

   According to Ugrin, his biggest obstacle is overcoming his losses. He works extremely hard to learn from his past mistakes and practices during the off-season. Said Ugrin, “I would not change anything about playing the sport.”

   Jerin moved here towards the end of the summer. While Ugrin enjoys the change, there is one drawback: Hudson doesn’t have a tennis team. As a result, he will continue to play tennis through Waterloo Columbus Catholic's team. 

   “I want to win the state championship while playing for Columbus,” he said. Jerin’s passion for this sport might transfer into his future as he contemplates playing tennis for Wartburg College. 

   “I love this sport because I have met so many great friends while making the best memories,” Ugrin said, joyfully.

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