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by Kylee Sallee | Class of 2021 | Oct.. 15, 2020

   With every new season comes new changes, and this year is no different.

   Combining the ad revenue made from livestreams and additional funding from the Athletic Boosters, Hudson has purchased two new HUDL programs for the next two years.

HUDL Sideline

   First used Sept. 4th at the football game against Jesup, the varsity football team has enjoyed the newly-purchased gadget called HUDL Sideline. Included in the HUDL package is indoor cameras for volleyball and basketball and outdoor cameras for football and track.


   With less than a 5-minute set up, the team can review previous plays on the sideline instantly.

   A member of the team simply pushes a button at the beginning and end of each play to start and stop the cameras. Then, the coaches can show the players the film on devices while they are out of the game

HUDL Focus 

   This fall, the Pirates utilized a new tool called HUDL Focus, which allows them to eliminate excess variables in watching film.

   With this program, games are able to be filmed without someone behind the camera. The steady cameras film the game on their own and follow the action while blocking out distracting background noises. 

   After the game is complete, the film automatically uploads to the HUDL website for the coaches and players to review at a later time. The film is also automatically uploaded as a live stream.

   This has been very beneficial for those that can’t make it to games because they have health concerns or are out of town. 

“When I’m not able to make it to a game in person,” says high school secretary Dee Sallee, “I am thankful for the livestream that allows me to watch the game from the comfort of my own home.”

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