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A Family Affair:

Wrestling Bonds Hudson Family

by Olivia Kolterman | Class of 2018

   If you go to any Hudson wrestling event, you’re sure to never miss the Entriken family: A father who created a family legacy in wrestling, a mother who lives in the stands, an eldest son who dominates on the mat, a middle daughter who joined the family tradition, and a younger son who is eager to live up to the family legacy. 

The Father

   As a former state qualifier for the Webster City wrestling team that was state runner-up in the Class 3A Dual Tournament in 1991, Colby Entriken was first introduced to wrestling as a three year old by his older brother in the typical sibling way. “We had several grappling matches in the living room as youngsters,” laughed Colby.


   Colby soon came to love all that wrestling offered. “The sport teaches you discipline, to bounce back from adversity,” said the father of three. “In life we all get kicked from time to time and how you respond makes a big difference in the outcome. It could be an injury, a call from the referee that you disagreed with, or some other outside variable. ”


   Colby loves that his children are exposed to the character-building opportunity that wrestling provides. Said Colby, “There are only two people on the mat, and as a wrestler, you have to learn to take responsibility for your outcome - win or lose.”


The Sons

   Despite having won numerous state and national honors in club wrestling as well as holding and breaking his own school records, senior Taylan Entriken has yet to reach his ultimate goal: a state title. “I want to be the most dominant wrestler every time I step foot on the mat,” said Taylan. 


   He is well on the way to accomplishing that goal. Taylan is a returning 5th place finisher from the 2016 state tournament and is currently ranked 2nd in the state. Taylan’s success, which began at the age of five, has fueled the fire within younger brother Tate, a 7th grader. “I want to break his records,” said Tate.


   Like Taylan, Tate has been wrestling since he was a preschooler. Tate loves wrestling because it makes him feel special. “There are a lot of basketball players and this is what sets me aside from everyone else,” said Tate.


The Daughter

   The love of wrestling even spread to the Entriken daughter, Becca.

   “When I was little, I seriously considered wrestling for myself because it was what my brothers did and I wanted to be just like them,” said Becca. But she opted out of wrestling when she watched a girl get beat really bad in a wrestling match.


   “The positions looked very painful, and when people dislocate limbs, it gets really hard to watch,” said Becca. Fifteen years later, Becca, now a sophomore in high school, decided to join her brothers on the mat, not as a wrestler, but as a cheerleader. Although the only daughter of the family loves the intensity and physicality of wrestling, that’s not the only thing that draws her to this sport. “I love that wrestling brings my family closer together,” said Becca “There are many Saturdays where we get up early and pile into the car to attend wrestling meets.


   We don’t necessarily love it at the time, but it is something that we are all able to do together.”

The Mother

   From dietician to nursemaid to fan in the stands, all the Entrikens agree that the mom, Susan, is the glue that holds them all together. Susan, who wasn’t necessarily a fan of the sport, just attended a few meets to watch her older sister cheer and to watch some friends wrestle. But wrestling’s role in her life changed her junior year of high school when she met a wrestling ref-  Colby. It was his love of wrestling that really intrigued her.


   “I really love the passion Colby has for the sport,” said Susan. “He has been a student of it his whole life.” Susan said she also loves watching her boys in every sport, but that wrestling is definitely different from the rest. 


   From triple the amount of laundry for all three kids, to doubling up on the healthy lunches and suppers, this mother of three said that she pays much more attention to proper nutrition during the wrestling season.


   Although there is a lot of stress that comes along with the sport, Susan wouldn’t trade it for the world. “I see that my kids are very driven. I think that comes from wrestling,” said Susan. The Family While activities often pull families in different directions, this sport doesn’t.


   “Wrestling has given my family something to really bond over,” said Taylan. But wrestling is not what defines them. It’s the togetherness that truly makes wrestling an Entriken family affair.

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