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Face Your Fears: Haunted House

Thrills in Waterloo

by Kylee Sallee | Class of 2021 | Oct. 17, 2017

   Watch your back! The Heart of Darkness and all its monsters eagerly await.


   “Voted number one haunt in the state of Iowa” (according to their website), the Heart of Darkness is a fantastic haunted house with 10 themed areas, such as Freddy’s Bus, 3D Killer Circus, and Grizzly’s Chainsaw Massacre. The average walk time is the longest in the state, averaging 30 minutes in length.

   You’ll find the Heart of Darkness at 5111 Osage Road in Waterloo, Iowa. Don’t expect to go hiding in a nearby house or store though because there are no other buildings in sight. You’re stuck in the middle of nowhere, which adds to the dark atmosphere.

   Every Thursday in October there is a special event called

Blackout. There, you walk through the same haunted house but all the lights are out. Your only source of light is the one flashlight you are provided. Be careful here, because unlike other nights, there’s no guarantee the 30+ volunteer actors won’t touch you.


   The wait can be 0-90 minutes, depending on the day and time you go. If you find yourself there with the longer wait, there is no getting bored.  They will keep you on your toes with spooky characters randomly popping up behind you while you watch a Halloween-themed movie or enjoy their band, which accepts song requests. Also, don’t forget to snap a picture in the zombie photo booth, which is part of your $20 admission.


   So if you dare, grab some friends and go. I guarantee it’ll have your HEART pumping faster than it has ever before in the DARKNESS!

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