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Hudson junior high teacher, students honored

by Abby Lashbrook | Class of 2018 | Dec. 12, 2017

    On May 31, at-risk coordinator Jeff Bell presented junior high language teacher Chris Dvorak and her 2016 Pirate Term, Crafters: On A Mission, a certificate of appreciation from the members from the 185th CSSB in Afghanistan.

    “It’s because of the sustained efforts like yours, that our morale is high, our future is brighter and our pride in being Americans is stronger. We are thankful for you and honored to serve. We see you as our fellow heroes,” said Bell.

    Dvorak and her students made 370 greeting cards that were sent to the base in Afghanistan.

    In front of students and faculty grades 7-11, Dvorak received a certificate of appreciation, a letter, a coin, and an American flag during the annual Pirate Term showcase. The flag flew over the Bagram Airfield Ammunition Supply Point in Afghanistan on February 21st of this year for a full 24 hours.

    “It's so important to show our nation's service men and women, and their families, our support for their service and sacrifice,” said Dvorak” Our Pirate Term project is just one small way we can make a difference in their lives.”

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