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Production Set to Begin for "Footloose"

by Caleb McCullough | Class of 2018 | Dec. 20, 2017

   As the semester comes to a close and most people are preparing for break, high school choir teacher Casey Tecklenburg has his sights set on next semester. He will be directing a production of Footloose at Hudson High School.

   This is his second time directing a musical since he started at Hudson in 2016. 

   Footloose wasn’t a hard choice for Tecklenburg. “The show itself fits the students we have,” he said. “It’s a story about high schoolers in a small town. That’s our wheelhouse.”

   Last year’s How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying featured a traditional Broadway casting, with one clear lead, a dozen other speaking roles, and a large supporting chorus. In contrast, Tecklenburg says Footloose is more spread out, with many more opportunity for students to share the spotlight.

   A significant portion of last year's cast were seniors, but

Tecklenburg isn’t worried about a lack of talent. “Every year you’re going to lose some people,” he said. “But I’m excited for the younger students to take on some of these roles.”

   Tecklenburg also chose to move the musical to the spring from its usual date in November. “It helps me fulfill my goal of establishing the musical as the culminating event in the fine arts department,” he said.

   Another benefit to producing the musical in the spring is the opportunity for a “cast retreat” during winter break. Tecklenburg plans to bring the cast together for an intensive acting workshop on the last day of winter break to improve their singing and acting skills.

   Auditions for Footloose were held December 18-20. Rehearsals will begin January 2, with the performances on the 23rd and 24th of March.

UPDATE December 22: The cast for the musical was announced on Thursday. See cast list below.

Rev. Shaw Moore - Andrew Oleson

Vi Moore - Abi Henderson

Rusty - Payton Sherwood

Aunt Lulu - Mikayla McKenna

Bickle - Kameron Barker

Principal Harriet Clark - Rachel Bauler

Lyle - Kameron Barker

Cop - Zach Koch

Ren McCormick - Caleb McCullough

Ethel McCormick - Hannah Fread

Uncle Wes - Tyler Staker

Wendy Jo - Olivia Jursik

Eleanor Dunbar - Tara Jochumsen

Chuck Cranston - Drake Noel

Cowboy Bop - Kameron Barker

Ariel Moore - Naomi Henderson

Willard Hewitt - Alex Reynolds

Urleen - Emma Kegebein

Coach Roger Dunbar - Trey Germain

Garvin - Nathan Murray

Betty Blast - Emma Yoder

Travis - Nathan Murray

Kameron Barker

Kami Koelling

Natalie Poppe

Nathan Murray

Tyler Staker

Chicago Ensemble/Country Dancers

Alexis Schares

Ashlyn Reynolds

Brooke Busch

Drake Noel

Jada Gaskill

Payton Sherwood

Emma Kegebein

Olivia Jursik

Mikayla McKenna

The Wailin' Irenes

Kami Koelling

Jetta Colsch

Alexis Schares

High School Students

Alexis Bergmeier

Alison Peck

Alyssa Meyer

Amber Waters

Ashlyn Reynolds

Natalie Poppe

Brody King

Brooke Busch

Caroline Mitchell

Izzy Jorgenson

Jada Gaskill

Jetta Colsch

Kami Koelling

Maya Thatcher

Townspeople of Bomont

Alexis Schares

Ellie Brown

Grace Schwenneker

Kameron Barker

Madeline Santmar

Madisen Grams

Mattie Mylie

Mikayla McKenna

Rachel Bauler

Tara Jochumsen

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