Newspaper awards 2019:

Column HM - Time for a Boost (Jetta Colsch)

Editorial Cartoon 1st - Information Overload (Jake Yoder)

Editorial Cartoon 2nd - Fundraising Overkill (Jake Yoder)

Editorial Cartoon 3rd - Puppet Masters (Jake Yoder)

Feature Photo 1st - Silent Protest (Caroline Mitchell)

Feature Photo 2nd - Donut Lover (Lexi Bergmeier)

Illustration or art 1st - Information Overload (Jake Yoder)

Illustration or art 2nd - Global Warming (Brooke Busch)

Illustration or art 3rd - Survivor (Jetta Colsch)

In-depth News 1st - Hit the Breaks (Sophie Selenke)

In-depth News HM - Point System (Kylee Sallee)

In-depth News HM - Change of Student Devices (Abby Gaudian)

Infographic 1st - Newbies (Kylee Sallee, Lexi Bergmeier)

Infographic 2nd - Generations (Grace Schwenneker, Morgan Hansen, Lexi Bergmeier,

Tara Jochumsen, Mac Kelly)

Infographic HM - You Are What You Eat (Sophie Selenke, Klaire Krapfl, Kylee Sallee)

Multimedia story - 1st - Meet the Staff (Klaire Krapfl, Sophie Selenke, Jenna Twait)

Multimedia story - 3rd - Smooth Criminal (Jetta Colsch, Emilee Steimel)

Multimedia story News - 2nd - Calculating Credits (Abby Gaudian)

Multimedia story News - HM - App-Dictions (Klaire Krapfl, Madison Michael)

News Magazine multiple page design 3rd - Donut Lovers - (Grace Schwenneker)

News Magazine multiple page design HM - Generations (Grace Schwenneker)

News Magazine one page design 3rd - December 2019 pg. 2 (Abby Gaudian)

News Magazine one page design HM - April 2018 pg. 8 (Kylee Sallee)

Photo Story 1st - Donuts (Josie Bergmeier, Lane Rogers, Lexi Bergmeier, Ryan Peck)

Photo Story 3rd - T-Shirts (Klaire Krapfl, Mac Kelly, Abby Gaudian)

Personality Profile 1st - Fit & Fab (Linsey Tjepkes)

Reviews 1st - Hurts Donut (Brooke Busch)

Reviews 2nd - Pirate Press Picks: Salsa (Klaire Krapfl, Lexi Bergmeier)

Reviews HM - Gift Guide (Caitlyn O'Malley, Emilee Steimel, Sophie Selenke)


Reviews HM - Icon Donut (Lane Rogers)

Web Design 2nd - Pirate Press Web Page (Jetta Colsch, Emilee Steimel)

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