Newspaper awards 2018:

Editorial Cartoon 3rd - Dress code Discrepancy (Kacie Herring)

Feature Photo HM - Concussion cover (Hailey Elder)

Feature Photo 2nd - Peek cover (Hailey Elder)

Feature Photo 1st - Digital Dependency (Aubrey Gronoski)

Feature story 2nd - Heads up (Grace Jorgensen)

Feature story HM - Radical Rewind (Olivia Kolterman)

Illustration or art 1st - Digital Dependency (Aubrey Gronoski, Sophie Selenke)

Illustration or art 2nd - Inked with Intention (Grace Jorgensen)

Illustration or art 3rd - Class of seventeen (Olivia Kolterman)

In-depth News 3rd - Lasting Legacy (Grace Schwenneker, Sophie Selenke)

In-depth News 1st - The Change Up (Sophie Selenke Alex Klingfus)

Infographic 1st - More than a Black & White Issue (Abby Lashbrook, Alex Klingfus,

Hailey Elder)

Infographic 3rd - Digital Dependency (Abby Lashbrook, Alex Klingfus)

Multimedia story - HM - Boys Basketball vs Don Bosco (Sophie Selenke,

Caleb McCullough)

News Magazine multiple page design 1st - Taboos (Abby Lashbrook)

News Magazine multiple page design HM - More than a Black & White Issue 

(Abby Lashbrook)

News Magazine multiple page design 2nd - The Dating Game (Abby Lashbrook)

News Magazine one page design 1st - February 2018 pg. 7 (Katelyn Pint, Grace Jorgensen,

Abby Lashbrook)

News Magazine one page design 2nd - December 2018 issue pg. 6 (Abby Gaudian,

Abby Lashrook)

News Magazine one page design 3rd - October 2017 issue pg. 7 (Katelyn Pint)

News Magazine one page design HM - October 2017 issue pg. 2 (Grace Schwenneker,

Abby Lashbrook)

News Photo 2nd - Model UN boys (Katelyn Pint)

News Photo 1st - NHS Food Drive (Hailey Elder)

Personality Profile 3rd - Inked with Intention (Grace Jorgensen)

Personality Profile 2nd - H2-OH (Payton Sherwood)

Social Media 3rd - Pirate Press Twitter (Caleb McCullough, Grace Jorgensen)

Sports Story 1st - Student Athletes Weigh Risks of Concussion (Grace Jorgensen)

Staff Editorial 1st - More than College Bound (Caleb McCullough)

Web Design HM - Pirate Press Web Page (Caleb McCullough, Alex Klingfus)