Yearbook awards 2017:

Yearbook of the Year 1st - The Pirate


Advertising 1st Senior Tribute Spread - Katelyn Pint


Advertising 2nd Senior Tribute Closing - Katelyn Pint


Cover 1st Between The Lines - Hannah Wheeler, Morgan Hansen, Grace Jorgensen


Design / January to June events 2nd Feb 27- March 25 Year in Review Morgan Hansen


Design / Mugs 1st Senior class Looking Back / Moving Forward - Erin O’Malley

Design / Opening, closing or division spread HM End of student life final week of school.

Abby Lashbrook

Design / summer to December events 1st august 23-September 10 year in review 

Erin O'Malley

Design / summer to December events 2nd September 18-October 8 Year in review

Olivia Kolterman

Design / summer to December events HM Summer 2016 - Katelyn Pint

Feature photo / student life - out-of-school related HM Ready, Set - Grace Jorgensen

Infograph /Mod 1st New Lunchroom Diagram - Erin O'Malley

Infograph /Mod 2nd Looking back moving forward - Erin O'Malley

Infograph /Mod 3rd Senior line up - Grace Jorgensen

Photo Illustration 2nd All in at the line - Grace Jorgensen

Reader services 2nd Hudson Community Schools Reader Services - Erin O'Malley

Hannah Wheeler

Sports story 3rd Girl Power - Olivia kolterman

Story / student life - out-of-school related 1st Right on pace - Grace Jorgensen

Total Package 2nd Back to school Erin o'Malley