Newspaper awards 2016:

Column 1st Life Without Lexi - Olivia Kolterman


Editorial Cartoon 1st Small Town Irony - Carmen Finn


Editorial Cartoon 2nd Fine Arts Funding - Carmen Finn


Feature Photo 3rd Friends - Megan Schwenneker, Ellie Klenk


Feature Photo HM Track Season - Carmen Finn


Feature Story 2nd Food For Thought - Sarah Gallery, Katelyn Pint


Feature Story HM Finding Forever Katelyn Pint, Olivia Kolterman


Illustration or Art HM Newspaper Friends Illustration Lexi Kolterman


In-Depth News 1st Changing Things Up - Olivia Griffith


In-Depth News HM Making The Grade - Grace Jorgensen


Infographic 1st Meet The Newspaper Staff - Lexi Kolterman, Ellie Klenk, Megan Schwenneker 


Infographic 2nd Fright Fest Abby Lashbrook, Alex Fouts


News Magazine - One Page Design 2nd April015 Opinion - Grace Jorgensen


News Magazine - One Page Design 3rd October 015 Entertainment - Abby Lashbrook


News Magazine - One Page Design HM January 016 News - Erin O’Malley


News Magazine - Multiple Page Design 1st Senior Tribute Feature - Megan Schwenneker, Alexis Pint


News Magazine - Multiple Page Design 2nd Ridiculous Feature - Lexi Kolteran


News Magazine - Multiple Page Design 3rd Food Feature - Katelyn Pint


News Magazine - Multiple Page Design HM Fashion Feature - Erin O’Malley


News Story 2nd Getting TECHnical - Olivia Kolterman 


Personality Profile 2nd One Step At A Time - Grace Jorgensen


Photo Story HM Senior Superlatives - Alexis Mosley


Sports Story 2nd Is Less More? - Abby Lashbrook


Staff Editorial 2nd Standards Based Grading - Caleb McCullough


Staff Editorial 3rd Alien Nation - Sarah Gallery


Staff Editorial HM Assignment For All Teachers - Lauren Kahler