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A Little Closer to Home

by Mia McNeal | Class of 2021 | Nov. 22, 2017

   Softball sisters share the experience of playing with each other

The end of the 2017 softball season also meant the end of a five-year pitching career for 2017 graduate Madison Sallee. Sallee had a record of 1-6 during the 2017 season, along with 7 starts and 15 strikeouts. Luckily her younger sister, freshman Kylee Sallee, is happy to step up to the plate.


   “With having only three upperclassmen last season, and graduating two of them, leaves the team with a lot of young players. My teammates and I will grow and continue to improve, so when we’re the upperclassmen we can dominate,” Kylee Sallee said when asked about the upcoming season.

   Kylee Sallee ended her first high school softball season with a record of 5-6, along with 12 starts and 32 strikeouts. Sallee has been pitching for 5 years. She started pitching for the high school team starting her 8th-grade year and plans to continue forward in the future.


   Even though Kylee’s sad she has to continue her softball career without her big sister on the field with her, she knows Madison will be in the stands supporting her.

Said Kylee, “Madison has taught me so much and she will always be my number 1 supporter on and off the field.”

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