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A Dancing Dream

by Hannah Tjepkes | Class of 2021 | Dec. 20, 2019

   The smile of senior Harley Schley will be as bright as the sun in Florida on Jan. 1.

   Schley will be performing the Citrus Bowl Halftime Show to be held in Miami.

   She was selected after participating in the MA Dance Camp at Hyvee Hall in Des Moines July 27, where she was named an All-American Dancer.

   At the camp, Schley, along with six other Hudson dancers,

learned new choreography. At the end of the three-day camp, those noticed as exceptional dancers received a white ribbon and an invitation to participate in the Citrus Bowl Halftime Show. 

   Schley said, “Only a few were selected, so the feeling of accomplishment after I was selected was one of the best feelings.”

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