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The Pirate Press is a newspaper publication for Hudson High School located in Hudson, Iowa. This website hosts as an online source for the work of The Pirate Press.

established 1997.

DISCLAIMER: The Hudson Pirate Press newspaper, its website, and the district yearbook are all projects of the journalism class at Hudson High School are are intended to be a learning opportunity, a way for Hudson students to better their writing, photography, and design skills. | Any expression made by students, including students’ expression in an official school publication, is not an expression of official school policy. The school district, school board, and the employees or officials of the school are not liable in any civil or criminal action for any student expression published by students.
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First Album Brings the Beats

by Drew Barber | Class of 2024

If you have ever wondered what it’s like to listen to African music mixed with pop, I have the perfect album for you: Nico & Vinz’s Black Star Elephant. Instead of just sticking to their roots, they turned this album into more of a pop style.


1. A Dancing Dream

2. Gift Guide

3. Calculating Credits


1. Small but Mighty

2. Ready to Rumble

3. HUDL Up


1. First Album Brings the Beats

2. Better with Backpacks

3. Feels like a Lifetime


1. The Fast Lane

2. Tasty Traditions

3. Holiday Happenings


1. Rags to Riches

2. IntroDEUCEing Opportunities

3. Newbies


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